Campaign Information:
plays, their new discoveries are told to the guild, and the maps and information are shared.

  • You are encouraged to have your main character, and a back up or replacement character. They can come from any background(Default setting, Dark Sun, Eberron, Neverwinter, etc) and your 2 characters can trade any wealth or items they find between each other.
  • A Guild bank will be available if anyone wishes to donate items rather than sell them.
  • The starting level is now updated to 22, choose class and race(background/theme/paragon path/epic destiny as well, but they are optional). You cannot buy artifacts.
  • For starting equipment. You can take an item of level 19, 20, and 21, +60,000gp.
  • For tiny little details you might think of, This page lists prices for items and services you might not find elsewhere.
  • Paragon Tier

- in the Character builder, turn on the Inherent Bonus option(in CBloader, Manage tab, details, at the bottom under Optional Details, click the checkbox). This gives you bonuses to attack and defense at certain levels, regardless of magic items. You will most likely not see any changes to your stats right now, as they don’t stack with the existing, they just make sure you meet a minimum number for your level.

- Upgrading items, commissioning items. There are hidden masters of magical item crafting. You can find some information about them, and for a fee they can create an item you are looking for(let ye olde DM know the item, and we’ll find the price). They can also change the enchantments on your current items, giving it new abilities, properties, enhancements. Some of these masters can stack various properties onto the same magic items, granting a single item more power(some people might find a longsword that can reach 2 squares away more powerful than another +1 to damage, for example)

If someone else wishes to DM, I can supply the makeup of the area, as much as they want, right up to an entire encounter. They can choose to use that info, or make up whatever they like. I’ll use each groups exploits to further the story in the world.
Since it’s a sandbox, we can have different groups playing on different nights, and not have to worry about postponing if someone can’t make it.

House Rules:

  • When someone does something cool or amusing, or derails the DM through a good idea, they get a d4 to use at anytime. They can add it to any roll they like, or subtract it from an enemies roll. They turn the d4 in after use.
  • Players keep track of their own wealth, ammunition, & inventory.
  • Between games, you can message the DM through email or facebook to play out any ideas during downtime. Casting rituals, barricading doors, gathering information, discussing strategy with other characters, etc.
  • It’s come up twice, so it’s now official, you CAN carry someone on your turn, assuming you are strong enough to do so, but it takes a standard action to do so(Including Pixies. Standard to grab them. Essentially a charge action without the attack)
  • Racial Bonus can be applied to any stat.(Some races have a bonus stat that says something along the lines of +2 wisdom OR strength. You can instead choose to put that +2 to any stat instead of the two that are allowed in the builder)
  • We’ll be snagging a physical timer for turns. Delay of game shall result in a super fun penalty =)

Action Points

  • Spend 1 action point to gain an extra action (per rules);
  • Spend 1 action point to re-roll a botched roll (used for those dailies when you wind up rolling a 1, which happens far more often with our group than we care for);
  • Spend 1 action point to recover a spent encounter power;
  • Spend 2 action points to recover and use spent daily power.

Three adventurers were plucked from different places and times to come together and battle against the God of Tyranny, Asmodeus. He and his lackey Orcus had been throwing out the other gods and taking over their domains. With the aid of the gods Lolth and the Raven Queen, the adventurers defeated several foes by way of a carnival. The helpful powers that be, had constructed the carvnival as a means to send their champions to places that gave the evil gods their powers. With the death of the dread necromancer Azagar, the plans of the evil gods were postponed. The adventurers exited the carnival into a great city called Aleview. With new allies, they fought against the Iron Circle, a cult devoted to Asmodeus. With the help of undead kings, who had fought against Asmodeus and his Iron Circle 1000 years earlier, the Iron Fortress fell. Their base of power in the area being gone, and their leaders Nazin Redthorn and Dajani being cursed to spend forever in the remains of the fortess, the rest of the Iron Circle fled.

After the fall of the Iron Circle’s fortress near the city of Aleview, Asmodeus’ forces fled to in all directions. Their leadership was broken, and most didn’t feel it was in their best interest to stick around. The surviving heroes, having escaped the crumbling fortress, returned to Aleview with the army that was raised to support them.
Several attempts were made to restore Aleview to it’s former glory over the following years, but nothing has yet taken hold. The city’s coffers have all but run dry. Many of the businesses have shut down and moved on. The many temples that flourished have fallen into disrepair, many have been demolished. The religious persecution from the Iron Circle proved too much for the various faiths to handle, and most have gone back to worshipping in seclusion.
Using the influx of coin from the Silver Mine of Grundbar Longwhiskers and that pesky Goblin Chieftain that likes to wear a red dragon costume, the surviving party members formed an Adventuring Guild. A stronghold was constructed, and over time, new adventurers were drawn to it as a source of income. Those new adventurers have come from far and wide.

20 years have passed since Iron Circle’s day. The lands have grown more deadly as civilization has suffered. Most of the area around Aleview is relatively tame, and well known. The areas outside are a different story. General information is available, more by gathering information from the right sources, but long travel with unknown dangers are typical outside.
2 maps are carved into a long table in the Guild Hall. One of the area surrounding Aleview, and one of the explored and known world outside. These maps grow in detail as time goes on and more places are explored.


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