Aleview, 20 years later

From the guildhall in Aleview, new adventurers mixed with old set out to the Bogmire, in search of the source of local rumors. They trek into the swamp, and find an enchanted bridge, leading to a charming hut in the middle of a pleasant meadow. The smell of baking comes from the yard and hut, and cookies, pies, and other treats are laid out on tables. Inside, they meet a sweet old lady named Aunt Agnes. She makes them feel at home, and they chow down on some snacky goodness. A satyr is inside enjoying treats as well. Aunt Agnes sends them to find a Bullywug named Glurp and bring him back to her. They are set upon by a huge crocodile hiding in the swamp, and one of them is swallowed whole. The croc is eventually harmed enough that it regurgitates the prey, and they travel into the Bullywug lair. They meet Glurp, the Bloated. They talk him into traveling back to the hut, and he dines on baked goods filled with bugs and other lovely things. The kindly old Aunt Agnes changes her tone, and everyone that’s eaten one of her treats suddenly feels a bit strange. They twitch, and shrink, and then poof. Rabbits remain where the cookie munchers were. The rabbited folk can feel a pressure on their precious little ears, and after some investigation, they discover it resting on top of Aunt Agnes’s oven, while the unbunned are battling with the evil Hag. The bunnified paladin can’t manage to push the flickering gemstone, the source of the hag’s power, over the edge of the stove, as his little feet thump ineffectively, so he signals frantically to one of the mages. The mage then disables the gem, shattering it, and ending the enchantment. The other mage has destroyed the hag, by this point, rather disturbingly, eating her soul in the process. Glurp is grateful for the rescue, and hands over his magical belt. The unbunned paladin takes it for safe keeping, and the group returns to Aleview.



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