Aleview, 20 years later, Silvervale

The adventurers tracked down clues leading them to a northern town called Silvervale.

They sought out a man known as Magrak, the mayor of Silvervale. The townsfolk pointed the way to the town hall, the charter, and eventually to Magrak himself. His yard was laid out with traps, and he burst forth through his front door to engage the party. It was discovered after his defeat, that he was a changeling impostor. The true Magrak was imprisoned inside his home. He spoke of someone coming to his door, and he answering, meeting himself, then waking up later in this prison.

While the party rests in Silvervale, the community of were-folk discuss things with the real Magrak, and the party. The Northwood has come to be called the Forest of the Damned, as people go missing there, and the terrible noises that rise out of it. Several of the children are sketching things, and share them with you.
They say they’ve seen creatures like these floating around the woods, tearing things to shreds. There are more and more of them as time goes on. A name is mentioned, Open Sky. This druid used to call the Northwood her home, but a trio of kindly old ladies called on her one day, and the people of Silvervale showed them where to find her. The woods began to grow dark after that, and that’s when Magrak’s impostor took over.
From the description of the women, you note certain similarities to Aunt Agnes, the ‘kindly old lady’ you met in the Bogmire. If they were truly Hags, like Agnes, you know they have very powerful magics at their command.



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