Aleview, 20 years later, take 2

After dealing with the whackiness of the Hag magic, a collection of adventurers meet Benowin, a half orc guild member. He had offered some coin, way back when, to a couple of younger adventurers. He recognizes the mage in this group as one of those he had hired, and ups the price a bit this time around. They set off to the Cursed Wood, north of the main road out of Aleview, in search of …well, an ass kicking little girl. The last time the mage went in search of her, she and her companion were a little bit inebriated. The tales of a shape changing little girl with a gigantic splitting axe were less than believable in the hall. This time, a larger group(Tiefling Pyromancer, Dwarven Cleric, Dwarven Paladin, Dwarven Warpriest, Shade Nethermancer, and a Vryloka Assassin) were sober(except for Hydrix the Paladin, obviously) when they encountered the girl. Tall weeds and grass had overgrown the area, and she snuck up behind them asking for food. The Nethermancer pulled some meat from a magical robe of meat recovery, and the girl set off into the woods again. The paladin tried to stop her, but stumbled in the tall grass. They found a small cottage, and this time the paladin had a bit more luck. He burst through the wooden door as though it were paper, and through an even sturdier door behind that. The party searched the house, finding 2 dessicated corpses tucked into bed. The pyromancer detected an odd looking floor board, and the paladin, perhaps compensating for his failure in the grass, elbow dropped through the floorboard, to retrieve a note.

They encountered the girl outside, with a pack of wolves and stray dogs. The mage unleashed a fireball destroying most of the pack, and the little girl waded in swinging her axe. The assassin climbed on top of the cottage for a better vantage point, eventually leaping off on top of the girl. The axe swinging child changed form from human to wolf, and then a hybrid of the two forms. A long battle, and the girl was near death. The assassin suggested that she surrender, or else “I’ll tear apart the corpses of your parents.” That had the intended effect, and the girl surrendered. They brought her back to the guildhall to discuss her background, and determine where the note was from, a town called Silvervale, far outside of Aleview.



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