Aleview, Session 9, sort of

Information missing, quick version however;

The party followed the crazy old feller to a cave entrance. He got out his map, which only he could see…and tried to enter. Gnolls guarded the entrance. A Genasi Anthropologist was hiding in the area studying the creatures. She gave the party some gnoll bitch urine to mask their scent and let them enter the cave. Sickly, twisted, and demonic gnolls were inside. Some aggressive, some not, some too sick to do anything either way. At one section of the cavern, another cast-down deity was found. Yeenoghu and his exarch Nezrebe. The party managed to chat their way to Yeenoghu’s good side, while Nezrebe succumbed to illness and battle. Yeenoghu agreed to grant blessings to some of the party in exchange for assistance in battling Asmodeus and Orcus. An opening in the floor is discovered, and it seems that the party is headed there next. Unfortunately, Yeenoghu used this as his own personal commode. It will not be a pleasant trip.



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