Ebony (Deceased)

A Drow Firemage, the chosen of Lolth.


Ebony was slain in the depths of the silver mines by the Robed King: the vampire Akivasha in her blood-starved rage.

Ebony is a drow elf, small in stature and piteously thin. Her features would be beautiful if they weren’t so gaunt and defeated. The robes she stole from the tower have become ragged and have been stripped from the hem for bandages so many times that they now end above her knees. The delicate, finely carved staff she clutches defensively before her is one of the other items she stole from the mages’ tower. She had seen great feats of magic wrought from it and risked much to obtain it, yet for her, it had been most useful for knocking low-hanging fruit out of trees. When near to settlements, she wears a dark, deeply hooded cloak “borrowed” from a valley monastery. Her white hair has grown long and wild and her longing for acceptance shines in her strange eyes.

She possesses a spellbook, also liberated from the men who enslaved her, that she both cherishes and loathes. This reflects her feeling toward the skills she gleaned during her life imprisoned in the tower. She cannot deny the thrill of spellcasting and the power she feels within her, but she despises the reminder of the origin of this power. She is particularly skilled and fascinated with flame spells. She is also adept at reading others, a skill learned from years of judging the volatile moods of masters who held so much power over her. She applies this knack to a seemingly unlikely proficiency with spells of mental manipulation. Having been taught reading and writing skills to enable her to act as a scribe, she discovered a love of books that drove her to raid the tower library, finding a sort of companionship in stories of arcane arts and history.

Much of her natural personality as much a mystery to herself as to any others who happen across her, veiled by the sublimation of her upbringing. She responds to any kindness with pitiful eagerness, having known so little. However, she fears to truly trust anyone, especially men, and male spellcasters even more so. When faced with a decision as part of a group, she will always choose the option that will anger the least number of people, often allying herself with the person she perceives as the biggest threat. She is constantly vying for the approval of any companions while fearing their disapproval. Her eagerness to please almost always suspersedes any concerns for her own well-being. She is not a coward, she just can’t stand the thought of being turned away again.


“My masters called me Ebony. I’m sure they named me much as they would a pet dog, but… it’s the only name I know.”

Bought from duergar slavers as a small child, Ebony was raised as a pet, curiosity, and test subject for a trio of human wizards obsessed with seeking power in the deep places of the world. Intent on seizing understanding and dominance of the magics inherent to the drow race, they subjected the young dark elf to torturous magical experimentation… and a few pleasures of their own. Locked away in their secluded tower, their prized possession, she knew nothing but cruelty, degradation, and servitude for two decades. Little did the mages realize that throughout all the slavery, prodding, and subjugation, Ebony was listening… and learning. She eventually came to the realization that while the mages might eventually kill her, the more terrifying notion was that they wouldn’t. She also realized that she could recite and harness many of the words of power her captors had used over the years. She began to use these abilities to subtly distract and mislead her masters while plotting her escape… or destruction.

Finally, one night, Ebony’s chance came when the archmage and his two subordinates sought to summon and bind a great demon in their quest for power. The demon, once called into the circle, sensed Ebony’s drow presence and recognized it, having made drow allies in its long past. It insidiously sent its messages directly into her near-broken mind. “Disturb the circle that binds me, little elf,” it hissed to her, “and you may run free. Know that I may seek you for my payment one day…”

In desperation, Ebony seized every ounce of raw ability she possessed and hurled it at the three men who had tortured her for so long. A pillar of flames, projection of her rage and pain, razed the summoning chamber, scattering the astonished wizards, searing their flesh and robes. From the depths of the inferno, the now-freed and utterly unharmed demon leered at the shaking elf, making a sweeping motion with its taloned hand. The world awaited.

Ebony fled the tower and her tormentors’ shrieks, seizing the few stolen items she had hidden away during her last few moments of hope. She disappeared into the wilderness, never daring to look back at the blazing tower she left far behind.

Ebony has been roaming the wilds in desperate loneliness for two years now. She fears the humans and elves of the region as much as they fear her. She has constantly fought with herself over the notion of approaching other people, knowing she will only suffer the pain of rejection when she was chased away. The few attempts she has made to disguise herself with minor cantrips and venture into civilization have been wildly unsuccessful due to her constant fear of being discovered and her crippling insecurity. She avoids villages by daylight, stealing from farmsteads and fields by night and hunting game most inefficiently. The area she roams tends to be dotted with unexplained scorch marks, and the farmers who notice missing eggs and produce also tend to find broken or rusted farm equipment mended as if by magic. Shopkeepers who find their locks forced have also found scorched, slightly smoking hares and pheasants left by their shop doors….

Ebony (Deceased)

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