The Robed King, Akivasha

Thousand year old vampire, victim of the Iron Circle


“It was a terrible time for us even before the war, my people had been stricken by a plague, and we tried to keep the truth from the other kingdoms. The people succumbed to the illness, but it was worse than death. They started to turn into undead creatures. Sunlight harmed them, and they fed off the healthy people, causing the sickness to spread. We were in skirmishes with the other Kingdoms, and our resources were stretched thin. The sickness skulked it’s way into the castle, and I was turned as well, but not before my fiancee saw what was happening to me. He told my father, the King, and they held my face in the basin of holy water in the temple. The damage to my face was terrible, as was the pain, and when I turned into the undead creature I am now, my face remained that way. My body can heal almost any injury, save that injury that was caused before my transformation. My fiancee, fool that he was, thought to kill off everyone who remained healthy, so that they could not catch the sickness. I was too late to stop him from murdering my father, but I made sure he never harmed anyone again, and I killed him with the same knife he used on my father. I took control of the crown, and of the people. We let the healthy go, and kept the vampires in the kingdom. When the Iron Circle was discovered, I found that they had sent the plague to us in the first place, and so I set peace in motion with the other 3 Kings. When we fought against our enemies, I hid my true form from them as best I could, with robes and hoods, and eventually magic. I think the old Wizard could see through me though. At the time I thought he lusted after me, but now I think he was looking through my disguise at my true self.”

“After the war, the other Kings grew ill. I pretended to be sick as well to maintain the charade. We were friends for a year before they died, but I hid myself still. When they died, all the kingdoms fell into despair and could not recover. People slowly left each land for better prospects. I brought a handful of faithful and tamed vampires with me here and we made a home. I cared for them, and kept them from hunting the people nearby above us, but after a few centuries, someone must have grown restless. I sat in my chair one day, and great pain shot through me. Great spikes have stabbed into my flesh and pinned me here. I’m drained and weak, and grow weaker each year. I’m not sure how long it’s been, but it seems forever. A few faithful remain, bringing me sustenance.”

Akivasha fought alongside the party, but her bloodlust caused a great deal of damage. The Iron Circle used her blood to grant additional powers to it’s followers, making them explode with destructive shadow energy when they are destroyed. She has thrown in with the Wizard King now, siding with the party against the evil forces.

The Robed King, Akivasha

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