Scimitar of Thaenor

The sword of a dead man, bearing an inscription

weapon (melee)

A standard scimitar, so it would seem, with a few perks
+3d6 on a crit
+3 to Attack and Damage rolls
A hit grants a push against the target of 3 squares.



“It seems that an old treasure of mine was stolen from above the fireplace. The oaf behind the bar was working when it happened, and didn’t notice. I am, unimpressed with this. The sword was won from a creature early in my career, and though it’s of no use to me in battle, it holds sentimental value, plus it’s kinda dangerous to leave in the wrong hands. I took the sword from a bloke named Brath Blightsworn, but the sword itself is call the Scimitar of Thaenor. Scribbled in some damned inconvenient language on the blade was an inscription.

‘Whosoever slays the deathless owner is cursed to rise and take his place upon his own demise.’

That inscription gives me pause, I don’t know if I killed Blightsworn. I was pretty sure I did, from the sight of his skull when I took the blade, but I can’t think who else would steal the damned thing now. If I’d been able to read the words during the fight, I likely wouldn’t have fought."

The 4 armed skeleton of Brath Blightsworn attacked the party as they crossed a bridge, and dropped the sword as he fell.

Scimitar of Thaenor

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