The Slayer's Scythe

A Weapon. A scythe. We forged it in secrecy for one like you

weapon (melee)

Hit: 5 vs AC
Damage: 2d4 + 1

Effects: Crit on 17 – 20 against Undead and Demons.
Crit: +1d4 damage


Forged in secret by agents of the Raven Queen to battle the encroaching forces of Orcus, demon prince of the undead. The Scythe was imbued with power against the undead and demons of the world.

Before the races of Man were given dominion over the world, Demons walked the earth. The Scythe was forged to beat the enemy back and was the weapon used to slay the last Demon on the mortal realm. After that battle, the Scythe was lost to time.

The Abaddon rediscovered the Scythe deep within the ruins of a long forgotten city while under the direction of the Raven Queen and Lolth within the Carnival. It’s energy drew him towards it like a moth to flame and, once having found it and placing his hand upon it, knew instantly that it was meant for him and him alone.

Also, it’s got a bitchin’ Luxor Casino look to it.

The Slayer's Scythe

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