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  • Lore - Akivasha

    A couple versions of an old story have started making their way through the Guild Hall. The first tells of an ancient vampire who was the scourge of the area, but was driven out by the heroic folk of the city. They destroyed her near a beautiful lake, …

  • Lore - the Lost Caravan

    * UPDATED: The caravan was found, destroyed along the road to Stygia. Their quest from Moanhollow was completed by members of the Guild, and they returned to Moanhollow to help with their plight. A line of a dozen wagons left in a caravan from the …

  • Lore - Iceforge

    Legend goes, Iceforge is home to the manifestation of Winter. Ghostly dwarves toil at insubstantial machines, producing all the ice and snow that blows out into the world. Travel through the icey wastes can be dangerous.