Looted Maps


The map you looted reveals 2 bits of undiscovered knowledge.

The peninsula to the west houses the Nations of the Dead. The leader of the Nations is unknown to you. You are aware that it exists, and now where it lies, and that in older maps you’ve seen, there is no rift in the land where the Nations now sit.
Since the guild’s first encounters with creatures from this place, you’ve heard many rumors. Vampire dens, openly marked on the streets; guilds of Necromancy, practicing black arts; human slaves or worse, livestock.
By all accounts, the Nations of the Dead houses the largest population of any civilization you are familiar with, though it sounds as if few residents have a pulse. An acres wide ramp ascends up to the main roadway, a vast avenue paved with tombstones. It’s said the citizens fetch them from their graves after they’ve been awoken.

You’ve heard less still about the area in the Abandoned Sea, known as the Ocean Depths. A city or outpost is there, or was once there. Some sailors speak of traveling to it on old trade routes, but others say that’s hogwash. Those who claim to have been there say it’s not much to look at, a crumble of ruins at first glance. Once you realize the island the ruins rest on isn’t really an island at all, well that’s what makes it unique. As many say it’s an old island as say it’s a new one, that doesn’t show up on older maps.

Looted Maps

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