Lore - Akivasha

A couple versions of an old story have started making their way through the Guild Hall.

The first tells of an ancient vampire who was the scourge of the area, but was driven out by the heroic folk of the city. They destroyed her near a beautiful lake, but her dark energies spread over the water and froze it. The people telling this version give the impression they are trying a little too hard to believe it.

The other tale is as follows;
After the war, The Robed King, the vampire Akivasha, tried to re-enter society in Aleview. She shed her old guise of the Robed King and let everyone know her true nature. Things went seemingly well for the better part of a year, but finally tensions in the populace rose. She was driven out of town by an angry horde. Though the people did not speak for the majority, the majority allowed it to happen. Akivasha fled the city, with the mob in pursuit. After 3 days of fast travel, they caught up to her at the edge of a beautiful lake. The sun was out in full force, and she was weakened from the pursuit. With burns on her flesh, arrows jutting out from her neck and back, she was pushed to the edge of the water. She had planned to simply walk out to the bottom of the lake where the people could not follow. They managed to encircle her and keep her from her destination, not letting her escape. As they pelted her with fire and holy water, she finally gave into her blood lust. She slaughtered them all, with ease. It’s said the lake began to freeze over at the touch of a single tear, shed from Akivasha. Her grief at giving in to her savage nature, and the killing of the mob, was too much for her soul to bear. As she sat, covered in blood and sobbing, the entire lake covered in ice, and has remained so for the last 18 years.

Rumors and precautions:

  • Akivasha submerged herself in the deep, cold waters of Akivasha’s Tears, or the Frozen Lake. Anyone seeking her out should take great care in their preparations.
  • Years of solitude can not have helped the ancient king. It’s likely her mind is gone, yet again.
  • A lake of that size would be hazardous without a half-crazed vampire resting in it.
  • Encounters with vampires over the years have taught the guild that certain items cause allergic reactions in vampires; holly, yew leaves, salt, mistletoe, silver, rose petals, rice, lilies
  • Vampires are known to change their shape, and to have a charming gaze
  • Vampires fall into a state of hibernation for years at a time
  • Vampire hunters in the guild suggest some, of not all of the following; garlic, holy water, a wooden stake, someone proficient with a holy symbol

Lore - Akivasha

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