Lore - Bogmire

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  • The Hag, Aunt Agnes, was encountered by a group from Aleview. The rumors of a kindly old lady, and an evil old crone seem to have been true. She was pleasant enough when you were on her good side. She had some odd magic at her call, changing creatures into rabbits and toads. A Bullywug named Glurp was rather glad to see her disposed of. A Satyr named Dradnus swiped some more of her cursed cooking before heading back out of the swamp.

To the South of Aleview lies a great swamp known as the Bogmire. Many Fey creatures live in this wetland, well adapted to the sweltering heat. Huge Stirges, quicksand, sinkholes, muck, disease, creatures under the water, carnivorous plants, all these things make it a place to avoid. You’ve yet to hear anything good about this place.

There are even rumors of a Bullywugs and a Hag living in the area. In the case of the Hag, some say she’s a kind old matron. Mind you, when they say that, others only roll their eyes and laugh.

Lore - Bogmire

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