Lore - Moanhollow

    The folk of Moanhollow had been keeping vigil over the undead that constantly rose in the outpost. The walled in section contained all those that had died in that place for many years, as all of them rose again. With the blood of the Medusa, retrieved by adventurers from the Desert of Wryms, an ancient curse was lifted. An old knight’s tomb was opened, and the blood spread on his mace. He rose, and told of his legend, stealing the mace from the underworld to save his lost love, and causing the undead to follow in his wake. When his words were finished, he fell, never to rise again

Moanhollow lies high in the trees to the northeast of Aleview. The remains of the original outpost is still visible on the ground, but continuous raids by Orcs caused the Eladrin to raise it high above. Contact has been scarce with the outpost for decades, sometimes people even forget it exists. Recently, traffic has been seen emerging from the forest traveling the road through the Mountainpass.

Rumors and precautions:

  • Those you know who’ve dealt with Moanhollow, tell of their harsh view of outsiders. They tend to keep to themselves.
  • There is talk of a great stone barricade in the middle of the outpost. As these stories go, it’s likely filled with great treasures.
  • Should a visit to Moanhollow go badly, it’s a very long way to the ground.

Lore - Moanhollow

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