Aleview, 20 years later, take 3

A different group of adventurers set off from the hall this time, seeking out the rumors of the missing caravan from Moanhollow outpost. They traveled to the great trees, and rose in a platform, hundreds of feet into their boughs. A priest, Brother Edgar, was there with some other folk, mostly hunter types. They had made this Eladrin outpost their home, and looked unkindly toward outsiders. While tense discussions took place, with weapons drawn, a scream was heard to the south. A large, lumbering creature was coming across the bridge from the old section of town. Spikes adorned it, and zombies were attached to those spikes. A brief battle later, and the animated monstrosity was defeated. Brother Edgar informed the party that it likely hailed from the Nations of the Dead. Moanhollow kept the old section of the outpost walled off, as it was filled with undead. The caravan was sent out to deal with this problem.

The party set off in search of the lost caravan, traveling to the Desert of Wyrms, on the road to Stygia. They found the wagons, but not the people. Statues of Bullywug and Lizardmen were found inside one of the wagons, and a note. An old chest was found buried in the sand. The note warned not to open the chest, nor to dally in the chasm nearby. They traveled through the chasm, into a cliffside cavern. More bodies were piled here, and they spoke with some Medusae. They completed the caravan’s mission, trading the old chest for the blood of a Medusa. Returning to Moanhollow, they made their way into the tomb of an ancient knight, and sprinkled the blood of the Medusa on his weapon. He rose, and told of his legend. He had entered the underworld to retrieve his lost love, and not knowing it’s power, stole a weapon from the guardian of underworld. The dead followed him back to Moanhollow, and those that died nearby were cursed to rise again. Now that said curse was lifted, he could rest, and the dead would fall silent at last.

One of the adventurers retrieved the knight’s Mace of Disruption. Also found were scrolls of undead disruption, and they held onto the remaining Medusa blood, in case it came in handy again.



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