The Hunt

Running low on components after a horrible, horrible series of deaths in a single hallway, the guild needs to replenish items that allow them to bring people back from the dead. Hunting down rumors of a beast to the east, they make their way to a not-so-quaint inn called the Slugs N’ Snails Inn.

Doors at the front of the building are barely hanging on. The place has seen better days. A wooden sign is nailed to the door that reads as follows
1) No bar tabs
2) No killin. The followin is ‘ceptable; Scrappin, punchin, roughhousin, kerfuffles, shenanigans, wrasslin, shin kickin, brow beatin, tom foolery, feudin, fussin, cussin, melee’in, disputin, scufflin, scrimmagin, tusslin, fisticuffs and fracases.
3) This place is neutral territory, if you can’t abide, I can’t abide you. See #2.
4) No bar tabs

There are 3 people inside. Faceless Garvey, the proprietor. His face is a mass of tangled scars, but he seems pretty chipper. He sets up some drinks on the counter for the newcomers.

“They call me Faceless, Faceless Garvey. Garvey’s me name, the Faceless part is cuz ’o me face bein all scarred up like.”

“The old Slugs N’ Snails used to be a nice spot. She’s gone to pot of late. Now there’s beasties running lose in most of these woods, so all we get are hunters”

“Mmm. I don’t really know much about a beast. These fools show up time and time again, say they’re hunting something, go out to the woods, then come back and lick their wounds.” Whispering “It’s quite a chuckle really, fools”.

There’s a Half-Orc female with a few large wounds, covered in bandages. A bow rests on the table. She’s being tended to by a small, gray gnome.
Grunting “Greetings. Millary Ood. I have claim to hunt. You leave.”

The gnome has a ack of medical supplies opened on a table and is rummaging throug and applying different bits and pieces to Millary Ood.
“Don’t mind her. She’s a bit rough around the edges and we’ve had a hard week. My name is Maynard Regence. Miss Ood here took me on as a retainer a few weeks ago. She’d heard of a creature roaming these old woods and wants a new trophy. We’ve made a few forays into the trees seeking out the beast, and tracked it down. It’s …quite a bit larger than I expected.”

The rather brief conversation ends as the party heads out along the road to hunt down the beast. They travel across an old toll bridge, stopping at the building beside it. Searching, nothing of interest is found, but for some reason, a couple of the group seem to think they’ve missed something. Searching continues, becoming more and more thorough. Holes are bashed in the walls, floorboards are torn up, cupboards smashed, but still, nothing of note is found, so again, they search.

Finally leaving the now ruined ruins, they head towards a broken stone wall. The minotaur in the group deftly leaps out of the way of an enormous pit trap as the false top collapses into it. The party skirts around it, and through the wall. An old building sits in a clearing, but most of the walls have collapsed. Snapping trees are heard coming through the forest, as something big comes this way. People spread out, hiding, or turning into a tree…

A creature busts into the clearing, A Gorechimera stands on the ruins. The group attacks it quickly, battling it’s 3 heads. After a brutal back and forth, they manage to slay the goats head, only to have it come back to life shortly thereafter. The group takes a beating, and some of them are knocked out cold. It seems the ruins are made of lodestone, and act almost magnetically on ranged attacks, making them more difficult. The grass itself is a hindrance, as it swiftly grows into the skin of any prone creatures. The party rallies, and rouses the hurt, escaping back to the Slugs N’ Snails. Faceless Garvey is there, setting up more drinks for them. Several other hunters are there waiting. It seems 3 different parties are trying to take the beast down.

After heated discussion, it’s determined that the group will keep any components they gather from the beast, but will pay the other hunters for their assistance. Regrouping into a larger party, they head down a back trail, and come out on the other side of the clearing. The extra hunters are quick to help, creating distractions. Millary and Maynard seem upset that someone has set off their pit trap, and it’s empty. Several hunters are killed, but some of the group manages to scale the back of the beast, delivering blows with deadly accuracy. A piece of hide, a horn, and the snakes head are quickly gathered, and the group retreats before the wounded beast can do them any more harm. Limping back to the guild hall, they’ve collected enough components for 4 more resurrections.



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